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* Starting 3/17/2020, Plumbing and Mechanical classes are suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus. Resumption of classes to meet this semester required hours will be posted at the appropriate time. Thank You






About Us

The RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association was established in 1940. This association is a guiding voice in establishing laws and practices governing plumbing in the State of Rhode Island, which resulted in the licensing of plumbers by the state to insure the proper installation of plumbing.

The RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association continues to be instrumental in establishing many health and hygienic practices for the protection of the public health in the advancement of living standards.


Member Benefits
  • Plumbing Apprenticeship School
  • Code Updates
  • Government Representation
  • Industry Networking
  • Technology and Marketplace Updates
  • Email Newsletters
  • Informative Monthly Meetings
  • Member Directory




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