The RI Master Plumber & Mechanical Association is a non-profit organization established in 1940. This trade talented group of plumbers recognized the necessity and importance to form a body to implement and support the delivery of adequate sanitation and clean water to the community as an issue of public health.

The Objectives Are:

A. The practical application of scientific knowledge to the preservation of public health, applied especially, to the care of the water supply and the sanitary disposal of sewage.

B. The encouragement of sanitary laws and better enforcement thereof.

C. The improvement of plumbing systems and the component elements thereof, plumbing materials, fixtures and appliances.

D. The education of members of the craft, in sanitation and the practice of the craft of plumbing.

E. The encouragement of education of the members of the craft, in the economical, reasonable and profitable carrying on of the trade of plumbing, as a business and in the accordance with the sound business principles.

F.  The establishment of harmonious relations, between the individual members of the craft and their employees.

G. The establishment, furtherance and improvement of an apprentice system.

H. The education of apprentices and other employees.

I. The promotion of standardization of fittings and other plumbing materials.

J. The promotion of technical studies, education, public relations and other activities of the industry development.

K.  No other object, purpose, or business of this association, shall be carried on or agreed upon, nor shall be the valid lawful purpose of this association, without proper approval of the members of this association.

L. The advocacy of the interests of plumbers before governmental bodies.

RIMPMA History

RIMPMA has been in existence since 1940. Our organization was formed to help protect the health of our nation. The Association has affected plumbing laws through lobbying and legislation.


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